Why we're crowdfunding for Digital DUMBO

Friends and Family, As many of you likely know, in January of 2009 I co-founded what at the time was a very small social gathering for professionals that work in digital media and technology in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, a 6 block area with over 120 technology companies and start-ups. This event was simply known as "Digital DUMBO Drinks."

Over the past 4 years our small social gathering has grown into an organization and global community now known as Digital DUMBO. Today we have over 11,000 members with events taking place in Brooklyn, Boston, London, Valencia (Spain), and soon elsewhere. Since our founding, we've hosted over 60 events that have brought together more than 20,000 people.

As we've grown we've come to recognize the larger responsibility that we have as an organization to not only continue bringing together professionals that work at the forefront of digital media and technology, but also the need to create new initiatives that leverage our reach, influence, and relationships for the benefit of everyone.

"Digital" is not a thing that lives in a silo. It's not an industry. It's a tool that is changing every industry and the world at a pace that is only accelerating. This is something that needs to be discussed, new skill sets need to be developed, and communities around the world need to engage in a dialogue and innovate together.

Last week we announced a crowdfunding campaign to support two new initiatives, dd:COLLECTIVE & dd:EDUCATE, that add to our initiative set that works to bring together digital thought leaders, improve digital literacy, facilitate knowledge sharing, and provide a platform for shared thought leadership.

Our goal is a lofty one: $50,000. We aren't asking for your financial help unless you feel so inclined. However, we are asking for your help in sharing our story - whether via word of mouth, email, or sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Learn More: http://www.indiegogo.com/digitaldumbo/

Thank You, Andrew Zarick CEO, Digital DUMBO andrew@digitaldumbo.com