Introducing dd:BOSTON & dd:LONDON

Ever since we began exploring taking Digital DUMBO to other cities, one of the biggest questions that we've received is "So, what are you going to call it?" In case you're unfamiliar with DUMBO, it stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass - a neighborhood in Brooklyn in between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and home to over 100 digital companies.

When you take Digital DUMBO out of DUMBO a funny thing happens. It loses its meaning as a geographic location and almost becomes an oxymoron, and an interesting play on words. However, we always make a point to tell people where the brand was born. We believe the Dumbo neighborhood is synonymous with the characteristics of how innovation occurs - a collaborative community with an abundance of creative energy.

As a tribute to our roots, we continue to use the "dd" in our global branding.

On Oct. 10th we launched dd:BOSTON at the Cambridge Innovation Center with an introductory event featuring a core group of Boston's creative and digital community. Starting November 2012, we'll be hosting monthly dd:SOCIAL events in the city. The decision to take Digital DUMBO to Boston was a relatively simple one to make. Boston is third only to Silicon Valley and New York in digital innovation. Also, given its proximity to New York and strong ties amongst the digital community in New York, we believe Boston will prove to be a complimentary city.

In June of this year we hosted "Digital DUMBO Meets London" at THECUBE, an innovation space in the Shoreditch neighborhood of East London. This event served as a springboard to Oct. 17th's launch of dd:LONDON. Much like Dumbo and Brooklyn, Shoreditch has a large concentration of highly innovative creative agencies and start-ups. dd:LONDON is led by local Organizer, Iggy Hammick. Beginning January 2013, we'll be holding monthly dd:SOCIAL events in London.

Digital DUMBO is now in Brooklyn, Boston, London, and Valencia.

Earlier this year we adopted the mission of "cultivating and connecting communities at the intersection of digital and culture." We believe that each of these cities fits this criteria in its own unique way. The value of bringing Digital DUMBO to other cities is not to build new communities, but rather to give existing communities an entry point to connect with other like-minded individuals both in their cities and in cities around the world.

Over time, our goal as an organization is to give businesses in our global community a resource and platform which they can rely on to identify talent and services, and an easier way to go to market in new territories. This won't happen overnight, but we're beginning to lay the foundation for this future.


Digital DUMBO started as a monthly social gathering for creative and entrepreneurial minds looking to encourage and nurture innovation within the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Today, Digital DUMBO is a global platform and initiative set to better allow communities everywhere to meet one another, tap into emerging trends in the digital and cultural arenas, and to shape the future of their businesses and lifestyles.