A Visit to Fresh Direct

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to take a tour of Fresh Direct's facilities in Long Island City.

The company is growing like crazy, both in number of employees and warehouse space needed to ensure fulfillment of their growing order volume. They'll soon be moving to a new 500,000 square foot facility in the South Bronx to keep up with demand.

Fresh Direct is one of New York City's most successful digital start-ups.

That success is in large part due to not only the online experience that they have created, but their supply chain management and architecture. As consumers, we often forget about the hundreds of things that have to happen between when we press the order button online and when the food shows up at our doorsteps.

After now having heard Fresh Direct employees talk about their attention to detail in things like A/B testing egg carton packaging to ensure less breakage, the optimal time to ship bananas based on greenness, and determining the right time of day to cut and fulfill beef orders to alleviate waste, you can begin to understand that their love for their business and the service they provide has led to gains in efficiencies that ensure low prices, fresh product, and a business and brand that people love.