I wanted to make it easy to find and listen to the best rap music from the most recognizable artists, and from those on the rise!


In 2008 I launched a blog called with the intention of building organic traffic for the subsequent launch of a music aggregation platform. Following the launch of the blog, I partnered with a developer and designer to build - a music platform that aggregated new music from some of the most influential hiphop music bloggers. Songs were then ranked and rated based on the # of blogs who posted the song, number of favorites, and number of plays.

Through SEO, I grew traffic to over 300,000 pageviews per month and over 113,000 unique visitors at its peak. The website secured top 10 and top 30 rankings for competitive keywords such as “rap music,” “rap,” and “best rap songs.”

My Role

  • Strategy
  • Growth Hacking (SEO, Link Building, Cross-promotion)
  • UX Design
  • Monetization (Affiliate Marketing, Display Ad Networks)

Version 1

Version 2